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"The show is a beautiful blend of story, singing, and dancing. Not enough credit can be given to those who performed and produced this entry in the Fringe Festival." - Bob Evans,

"Here's one that I'd call a gem, cut and polished, all its facets working together: Red Death is an operatic diamond." - ChaimEliyahu, KC Stage

"Red Death... lived up to some early hype" - Liz Cook, The Pitch

"Red Death is, as operas go, about as accessible as it gets." - kellyluck, KC Stage

"Red Death should be on your 'to see' list for this year’s Fringe." - Lee Hartman, KC Metropolis

"Those who have attended performances at KC Fringe though the years expect to see something unusual, but few of us have seen anything quite like Red Death.” - Robert Trussell, KC Star

"I am not an opera fan, but this presentation could convert me." - Detailer, KC Stage

Photos by Bryan Colley

The Mummer Opera Company Presents



Red Death

a new opera by Bryan Colley

with music by Daniel Doss

Adapted from The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe with selections from Lucretius, Ecclesiastes, and Montaigne

Featuring Chelsea Anglemyer, Josh Atkins, Amy Hurrelbrink, Tiffany Powell, Tyler Parsons, and special guest Coleman Crenshaw

Accompaniment by Michalis Koutsoupides

Choreography by Amy Hurrelbrink

Directed by Tara Varney

Off Center Theatre in Crown Center

July 18 July 19 July 21 July 23 July 24 July 26
8:00pm 3:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 6:00pm 9:00pm

Tickets are $10 with a $5 Fringe Button (Free button for kids 12 and under)

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